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Election Type:
Local / Regional / Municipal
Recommending Organization:
Golos - open source data
Golos had to cancel its membership of the European Platform for Democratic Elections (EPDE) due to EPDE being listed as an "undesirable foreign organization" in Russia in March 2018. Due to this we exclusively evaluate open source information regarding election observation in Russia.
Primary Thematic Area:
Voter registration
Subtopic of primary thematic area:
Centralized voter register
In the conditions of increased mobility of citizens, it is necessary to abolish the "serfdom" of voters - voting only at the place of registration. The voter must, on his own initiative, determine the place for the exercise of active suffrage, depending on the place of his actual residence at the moment. The desire of the voter to influence the composition of the authorities in the place where he works and pays taxes is more important than his formal registration at his former place of residence
Action required:
Legal change
Degree of Recommendation's Priority / Urgency / Relevance:
Body / Institution Responsible for Implementation:
Election Management Body, Parliament
Implementation Status:
Partially implemented