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Golos - open source data
Golos had to cancel its membership of the European Platform for Democratic Elections (EPDE) due to EPDE being listed as an "undesirable foreign organization" in Russia in March 2018. Due to this we exclusively evaluate open source information regarding election observation in Russia.
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Law-Making Process
The only suitable form for revealing the will of citizens when adopting amendments to the Basic Law is a referendum. It is already obvious that the announced vote on amendments to the Constitution will not be a referendum in the sense of the federal constitutional law "On the Referendum of the Russian Federation." Golos believes that the refusal to use the legal mechanism of the referendum is an attempt to bypass the guarantees of the rights of citizens to participate in the referendum enshrined in the law, as well as the norms enshrined in the procedural codes that guarantee judicial protection of these rights and sanctions for their violation. We believe that such decisions - the conduct of a "vote-not-referendum" not envisaged by the legislation - lead to the destruction of the right. They show that any legal prohibition can be circumvented by devising a new quasi-legal mechanism.
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Legal change
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