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Election Type:
Local / Regional / Municipal
Recommending Organization:
Golos - open source data
Golos had to cancel its membership of the European Platform for Democratic Elections (EPDE) due to EPDE being listed as an "undesirable foreign organization" in Russia in March 2018. Due to this we exclusively evaluate open source information regarding election observation in Russia.
Primary Thematic Area:
Election day
Subtopic of primary thematic area:
Early or Advance Voting
Observers must be notified in advance of the early voting in any of the forms provided for by the Procedure. Information on early voting should be published on the website of the election commission of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation, as well as, if possible, on the websites of TECs and local administrations. Also, the PEC is to draw up and post a schedule of early voting outside the premises on Thursday, September 10, indicating the voting places. The time of transferring ballots from ballot boxes to safe-bags must be communicated in advance to all observers
Action required:
Sub-legal change (eg. in regulations and instructions by election management body)
Degree of Recommendation's Priority / Urgency / Relevance:
Body / Institution Responsible for Implementation:
Election Management Body
Implementation Status:
Partially implemented