Belarusian Helsinki Committee
Election Type:
Recommending Organization:
Coalition of organizations
Primary Thematic Area:
Campaign financing
Subtopic of primary thematic area:
State funding
Secondary Thematic Area:
Campaign financing
Subtopic of secondary thematic area:
Campaign finance regulations
The Electoral Code allows the CEC to independently administer the state budget funds for the production of information leaflets with the general information about the candidates, instead of financing costs associated with the candidates’ printed campaign materials. This resulted in a low activity of most of the candidates in the production of campaign materials. Therefore, it is necessary to re-enforce at the legislative level the state funding of candidates’ costs of printed campaign materials. This should include the possibility of opening special funds from the moment of registration of nomination groups for the payment of expenses associated with collecting signatures for the nomination of the candidates, by analogy with the presidential election.
Action required:
Legal change
Degree of Recommendation's Priority / Urgency / Relevance:
Body / Institution Responsible for Implementation:
Authorities (general, broad), Parliament
Implementation Status:
Not implemented
Repeated implementation: