Belarusian Helsinki Committee
Election Type:
Recommending Organization:
Coalition of organizations
Primary Thematic Area:
Voter registration
Subtopic of primary thematic area:
Verification and updating of voters lists
Secondary Thematic Area:
Voter registration
Subtopic of secondary thematic area:
Public scrutiny
For the sake of increasing the transparency and accountability of the voter registration process, it is necessary to create a national voter list. Citizens and observers (including election agents, media representatives and international observers) should enjoy full access to the list. Every citizen shall have the right to have access to voter list before voting. In addition, observers should be able to have access to these lists during voting. The number of voters registered at the polling station should be announced by the election commissions before voting and after its completion. It is necessary to create a single register of all voters of the Republic of Belarus.
Action required:
Legal change
Degree of Recommendation's Priority / Urgency / Relevance:
Body / Institution Responsible for Implementation:
Authorities (general, broad), Election Management Body, Parliament
Implementation Status:
In process of implementation
Repeated implementation: