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Local / Regional / Municipal
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Golos - open source data
Golos had to cancel its membership of the European Platform for Democratic Elections (EPDE) due to EPDE being listed as an "undesirable foreign organization" in Russia in March 2018. Due to this we exclusively evaluate open source information regarding election observation in Russia.
Primary Thematic Area:
Campaign financing
Subtopic of primary thematic area:
Campaign finance regulations
Secondary Thematic Area:
Campaign financing
Subtopic of secondary thematic area:
Transparency (disclosure, reporting)
the rules of financial and legal reporting on candidates’ expenditures should be measurably simplified, with the focus shifting to disclosure of sources of funds donated to the electoral funds. This will both increase the financial transparency of election campaigns and help to take the salaries paid to the campaign staffers from “under the table.” The latter persons, we believe, are also interested in such development, because it will solve the problem of legitimizing their incomes. This is especially true since the candidates’ contracts with private persons are not subject to taxes
Degree of Recommendation's Priority / Urgency / Relevance:
Body / Institution Responsible for Implementation:
Election Management Body
Implementation Status:
Not implemented